TRP DH-R EVO Mountainbike Magazine tip – durability/stability

The TRP DH-R EVO stands as the most robust and powerful brake within TRP‘s lineup, dedicated to mountain and e-mountain bikes.

The TRP DH-R EVO stands as the most robust and powerfulbrake within TRP‘s lineup, dedicated to mountain and e-mountain bikes. Crafted in collaborationwith professional rider Aaron Gwinand chief mechanic John Hall, it distinguishes itself with straight- forward installation, high quality materials, and exceptional performance on any mountain bike. Mountainbike magazine has crowned it as the victor in its category, citing exceptional stability and commending its forceful braking capabilities, well-balanced pressure point, and superb tactile response. For avid bikers unwilling to compromise,the TRP DH-R EVO reigns supreme as the ultimate brake choice.

Since its debut in 2019, the TRP DH-R EVO has consistently asserted its dominance in the brake market.
With numerous triumphs and podium placements in the World Cup, the DH-R EVO continues to reign supreme in terms of stability, a status reaffirmed by the latest Mountainbike magazine test.

The TRP DH-R EVO arrives ready for installation and mounting straight out of the box. Thanks to the EZ Plug-In System, customers find it exceptionally user-friendly, making brake installation a hassle-free experience. Upon delivery, the lever unit and the cable come separate, expediting the installation process considerably, particularly for internally routed cables.
The bleeding process, typically required post-installation, is streamlined and can be omitted if installed correctly. Furthermore, removing the pads from the upper side is a straightforward task.
he inclusion of a reach adjust knob facilitates precise customization to achieve the desired grip width effortlessly.

The TRP DH-R EVO features a two-piece forged caliper with four pistons, each boasting a 16 mm diameter. Teaming up with the RS01E rotors, distinguished by their substantial 2.3 mm thickness, propels the
TRP DH-R EVO to the forefront of the stability
category in the latest mountainbike test.

The DH-R offers a selection of three distinct pads: a metallic pad featuring a copper-colored base plate, a semi-metallic pad in red, and an organic pad presented in blue TRP officially recommends the blue pad, as it has been specifically tailored for optimal performance with the DH-R. During testing, the blue pad stood out with its minimal noise generation and a finely balanced combination of biting power and sensitivity.

The result of the mountainbike test on the DH-R EVO:
The brake delivers robust and commanding performance, while also providing riders with a reliable platform they can trust.
The bite point strikes a perfect balance between smoothness and a responsive crisp feel, while the use of organic pads enhances the braking experience, providing an excellent blend of responsiveness without being overly digital or overly progressive- truly first-class.
In terms of durability, the DH-R stands out. The substantial caliper, exceptionally robust rotors, and meticulously matched pads leave no room for uncertainty: issues like pressure point wandering or fading are simply non-existent with this brake. IThe TRP DH-R EVO takes center stage in the symphony of the mountain biking world‘s most stable brakes.

“With the DH-R it can‘t get wild enough,in terms of reliability and stability it is number one on the market. Braking power and modulation are also highly praised. A real carefree brake…“

André Schmitt, Editorial Manager Mountainbike

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