E-Drive System

9-speed shifting system specifically developed for e-bikes

With the E-DRIVE 9, TEKTRO opens their latest product segment in the E-Bike Solutions category with a 9-speed drivetrain system for entry-level e-bikes.
The highlight: a 9-speed cassette where the smallest three sprockets – 11-13-16 – can be easily exchanged and a derailleur with a clutch mechanism for higher chain tension.

E BIKE SOLUTIONS: started in 2017 in response to the first customer requests for a more robust brake systems for e-bikes. The solution was the new 2.3 mm thick brake disc standard used in the TRP DHR EVO brake systems. In 2019, the new TRP shifting segment was launched with the DH7 and TR12 rear derailleurs. The valuable experience gained over the last three years has helped to shape the development of the TEKTRO ED9.
Again, the impetus came from customers, who were looking for a more robust and low-wear shifting solution, especially for entry-level e-bikes. The E-bike boom and COVID-19 are bringing an excessive number of beginner riders onto entry level E-bikes.


Specifications PR Tech Service Informations

The ED9 shifting system was implemented in close cooperation and coordination with Conway and its development team. The first Conway models with the new TEKTRO ED9 shifting system and cassette will go on sale as early as February 2022.

The TEKTRO ED9 system consists of the 9-speed E-Drive rear derailleur, the corresponding shift lever, and the matching 9-speed cassette with an 11-46 range.

It is only offered as original equipment for bike manufacturers.

Tech Infos
• Cassette 11 – 46
• 11-13-16 sprockets interchangeable – lower service costs
• Significantly lighter gears with 46 sprocket – more fun uphill
• Higher cadence and better power support for the motor
• 9-speed rear derailleur with TRP non-adjustable clutch for optimized chain tension
Technology TRP TR12 and DH7 (Ratchet / Clutch – System)

Bike Models
Conway Cairon – 2022

TEKTRO ED9 Rear Derailleur

Model: RD-M350 and RD-T350
Speed: 9
Max. Crog: 46
Clutch: RD-M350 (Yes)
RD- T350 (No)
Weight: RD-M350 (361g)
RD-T350 (344g)
Pulleys: 12T
Cage Material: Steel

Specifications subject to change without notice.

TEKTRO ED9 Shifter

Model: SL-M350-9R
Speed: 9
Max Multiple Shifts (Advance Lever): Max. 3
Advance Lever Material: Aluminum and PA6


Model: CS-M350-9
Speed: 9
Range: 11-46 T
Cog Material: Steel
Lockring Material: Steel
Combination: 11-13-16-20-24-28-34-40-46