TRP HYWIRE brake shifter unit

TEKTRO | TRP and transmission specialist Pinion present the new TRP HYWIRE brake shift lever.

A fascinating fusion of technology and innovation: the new TRP HYWIRE brake shifter that harmonizes seamlessly with Pinion’s gearbox gearboxes. This collaboration marks a milestone that combines Pinion’s robust, low-maintenance gearshift technology with the advantages of electric shifting.

With a lightning-fast response time of 0.2 seconds, the system enables effortless shifting at the touch of a button, whether while driving, stationary or under load. This revolutionary technology not only opens up new possibilities for e-bikes, but also expands the range of applications to conventional bicycles.

The TRP HYWIRE brake shifter opens up a world of electric shifting for MTB, trekking and, in the future, gravel bikes. With its own power supply from the Smart.Shift battery pack, the user is practically independent and can perform more than 20,000 gear changes. This innovative brake shifter allows intuitive control of the Pinion Smart.Shift system even from dropbar handlebars, with the hydraulic brake lines and cables running elegantly through the handlebars.

The tried-and-tested TRP brake quality ensures that your braking manoeuvres are carried out safely and reliably. But that’s not all. The brake pads offer impressive heat resistance, which means they can withstand even the toughest conditions. In addition, they shorten braking times and noticeably reduce any disturbing noises.

With the TRP HYWIRE and Hylex on the handlebars, riders can fully concentrate on their ride without worrying about the technology. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your bike, enjoy the ride and experience pure pleasure on two wheels. Enjoy the ride!

  • TRP develops innovative brake-shift lever, compatible with Pinion gear shift box
  • Greater safety and comfort thanks to ergonomically integrated switch buttons
  • Thanks to the new TRP HYWIRE brake-shift lever, electric shifting will also be possible for gravel bikes in the future
  • Flat Mount / Post Mount Solutions
  • Hydraulic brake solution with new mineral oil
  • 5mm brake line
  • Integrated master cylinder
  • 1.8mm Brake Discs

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