Europe has an extremely active cycling scene, both competitive and recreationally. Our most important customers and partners have their locations in European countries. For this reason, we have created TEKTRO Europa, our Service Office in Haßloch, directly at the Palatinate Forest (about 1 hour southwest of Frankfurt). Here, all technical questions are answered, and products undergo professional service. Besides technical service, you will also find all contacts for OE/AM sales and marketing.

TEKTRO Seit 1986 …


Every brake goes through strict tests before it is delivered to a customer – every single brake!

  • 100% quality test – for every single hydraulic disc brake produced by TEKTRO
  • TEKTRO has a test team of 28 people and 300 test benches within the production facility
  • All test benches are designed and built specifically for TEKTRO’s requirements
  • The oil pressure of each brake is tested for 8:45 min – the lever is pulled 250 times with a fixed load during this time
  • The capacity for quality testing is close to 10,000 brakes per day

TEKTRO is a 35-year-old family-owned company based in Taiwan. Today, all major bicycle brands use TEKTRO brakes for their bikes. These manufacturers value both the reliability and the high-quality production know-how of TEKTRO.

In 1986, three friends Gary Chen, Leo Chen and Aver Tsai founded TEKTRO with 20 employees in Changhua, Taiwan. The first factory was just the size of a basketball court, with a monthly production capacity of 50,000 cantilever rim brakes. Gary, Leo and Aver’s company values were critical to the company’s ever-growing success: work reliably, develop creatively, manage efficiently and produce at a consistently high level of quality.

In 1999, TEKTRO launched its first hydraulic disc brake, which remains the company’s most successful and important product. Today, TEKTRO has manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and China with over 1,600 employees and provides sales and service in Taiwan, China, Europe and the USA.

In 2006, the high-end brand TRP (Tektro Racing Products) was founded. Engineers working closely with athletes and teams are key to the TRP development process.

1986 Gary Chen, Leo Chen and Aver Tsai found TEKTRO in Chanhua/Taiwan
1999 TEKTRO introduces its first hydraulic disc brake, the Gemini
2000 TEKTRO opens a factory in Shenzhen, China
2002 TEKTRO opens a production facility in Wuxi, China
2006 TEKTRO establishes TRP
2009 TEKTRO starts up a new factory in Changhua, China
2009 All members of the TEKTRO management team cycle around Taiwan together
2015 TEKTRO opens an R&D office in downtown Taichung
2016 TEKTRO celebrates its 30th birthday
2019 TEKTRO establishes its first European headquarters in Germany
2020 TRP establishes E Bike Solutions DHR EVO disc brakes with 2.3 mm rotors
2020 TRP establishes TR12 drivetrain for MTB and E-MTB
2021 TEKTRO opens another new factory in ChangHua and celebrates 35th anniversary