The new TR12 shifting system brings race technologies from the Downhill World Cup to the trails.
TRP thus expands its product line with a new 12-speed shifting system.

The two TRP drive systems TR12 and DH7 are the result of close collaboration with the 5 x DH World Cup overall winner Aaron Gwin and his chief mechanic John Hall and our sponsored teams of Scott DH, Commencal 100% and YT Mob. This first, hard DH season for DH7 with 300 race days brought again valuable experience for the development of TR12.

The feature that distinguishes the new TR12 rear derailleur from existing products is called the Hall Lock, named after Aaron Gwin’s chief mechanic John Hall, who came up with the idea. The Hall Lock is a lever built into the rear derailleur mounting bolt that blocks the rotation of the entire rear derailleur around the mounting bolt when closed. You can open the Hall Lock to make it easier to remove the rear wheel or adjust the rear derailleur. If one closes the lever, the complete chain drive gets more smoothness and thus more stability. This results in improved shifting precision, especially when it gets a little rougher. A pleasant side effect: it becomes much quieter.

The idea came from a competition among the best mechanics in the Downhill World Cup circuit – who builds the quietest bike. John observed the movement of the rear derailleur around the mounting bolt and saw this as the crucial point for improvement. Locking the pivot point would both reduce chain slap, thereby creating less noise, and improve shifting precision.

A second key feature is the adjustable ratchet clutch. Depending on the bike’s suspension and travel, the distance between the bottom bracket and rear derailleur can change, affecting chain tension. To better control these changes, an adjustability of the ratchet clutch was developed. This allows the drivetrain and chassis to be optimally matched to any riding style.

Why does TRP only offer shifters and rear derailleurs for 12-speed systems?

This is TRP’s entry into shifting components. There is already a good selection of cassettes, cranks as well as chains on the market. Everyone has the option to build their preferred set-up around TR12.