Yes, e-bikes are bicycles, just a little heavier.
Depending on the type of e-bike, they can weigh 50 to 60% more than a normal bike. In addition, e-bikes accelerate up to 25 km/h much faster in “turbo mode” and are used three times more than normal bikes.

50% more weight and 25% quicker acceleration – with over 20 years of testing and developing disc brakes, we believe, that standard disc brakes are quickly coming to their limits. For this reason, TEKTRO and TRP have been developing special E BIKE SOLUTION products since 2017.

OE I professional racers – meeting the customer needs
The first TRP E-MTB brake delivered to OE Customers was developed in 2018 as a special E-MTB brake system with a 4-piston caliper and large 223 mm brake discs with 2.3 mm thickness. Since then, a new brake has emerged from a year-long re-design process implementing the feedback from professional downhill racers like Aaron Gwin, who were looking for more braking power on their 29-inch bikes; the DH-R EVO – a new standard of power and consistency for E-MTB’s and performance that downhill and gravity riders no longer miss.

TEKTRO I TRP – The Company
TEKTRO has been developing hydraulic disc brakes for bicycles since 1999, and now TEKTRO produces over 6 million per year, making TEKTRO one of the largest disc brake producers in the world.
Since 2006, disc brake systems for racing, high-quality mountain bikes, and E-MTB’s are also successfully developed and produced under the high-end brand TRP (TEKTRO Racing Products).

Test I Quality
To ensure reliability, TEKTRO invests in high-quality, automated production facilities and detailed quality processes familiar in the automotive industry. Each of the more than 6 million hydraulic disc brakes TEKTRO and TRP produce annually is tested for performance and tightness by a test team of 28 employees on 300 test benches over two days.

Tested by professionals
With three World Cup wins in 2019, the overall Downhill World Cup in 2020 won by Marine Cabirou of Team Scott Factory DH, a gold for junior Oisin O’Callaghan and a silver in the Elite men by David Trummer of Team YT MOB at the 2020 World Championships, the TRP DHR EVO is now “race-proven”, at the highest level.

TRP E Bike Solutions means

  • New 2.3 mm thick brake discs up to 223 mm in size
  • New performance mineral oil, heat tolerance up to 230° C
  • New, more pressure-stable 5 mm brake line from Rehau
  • New CNC-milled adapters
  • 9-mm piston in the brake lever to change the hydraulic ratio for more power
  • Two newly developed performance brake pad compounds
  • Ergonomically reshaped brake lever
  • New High-flow 4-piston brake caliper

E Bike Solution Products – TRP & TEKTRO
Today, TRP E Bike Solutions has expanded to other models such as E-cargo and now, special E bike brakes and can also be found across the TEKTRO E Bike product line.

Bike Magazine Brakes Test 5/21 – TRP DH R EVO
“Heaviest caliper and heaviest, extra-strong rotors in the test – this raises expectations for stability, which are fully met in the laboratory and on the trails. For the heavy test rider, (100kg) TRP is the best brake in the test field! The front wheel can be stopped to the full end without blocking at best modulation. In the laboratory fading test, there is no sign of weakness. The modulation is also super. Quickly bedded in, very durable pads. Stress-free brake anchor!”


E Bike Solutions

New CNC disc adapters

  • CNC milled
  • Increased stiffness and clean fit
  • Simple marking – product info

2.3 mm brake disc

  • 8% improved heat resistance
  • 47% improved lateral stiffness
  • 223 mm & 220 mm rotors – more braking power for larger 29″ wheels

Ergonomic brake grips

  • Aluminum
  • Ergonomic 1-finger positioning
  • Grippy surface for better grip

5 mm brake line

  • Higher stiffness for stronger hydraulic pressure
  • Improved heat stability
  • Optimized for internal cable routing


  • Lower viscosity for higher oil flow rate
  • Increased heat resistance up to 230º C
  • Improved bleeding service

New brake pads

  • New Performance resin pad compound (blue)
  • Improved heat resistance
  • Quicker bite
  • Quieter

E-brake caliper

  • Higher stability
  • Improved oil flow rate
  • Improved rear brake reaction speed
  • Faster bleeding

9 mm brake lever piston

  • New hydraulic leverage ratio for more power
  • Optimization for 1-finger brake levers
  • Reduced “arm pump”