TRP Drop Bar Solution for Gearbox Shifting

Model Number: HD-S8120E
Caliper: Flat Mount
Lever: Hydraulic brake shifter “Brifter“
Option: One side brifter and one side brake lever (TKD167)


Leverage Features

  • Built-in shift knob for upshifting and downshifting within the gearbox (Pinion)
  • The TRP Hywire solution is compatible with various gearboxes (e.g. Pinion)
  • Integrated master cylinder

Combinable brake discs

  • 6-bolt brake disc (RS02M)
  • Centerlock (RC03M, RC04M)

Brake caliper features:

  • 5mm brake cover
  • Rotors up to 1.8mm thick
  • Brake pads can be inserted from above
  • Available in flat mount (HD-S8120E) and post mount (HD-S8121E)
  • Newly developed hydraulic mineral oil
  • Matte black finish


  • 464g per unit (HD-S8120E)
  • 463g per unit (HD-S8121E)

Compatible Brake Pads

  • Performance Resin Blue (flat mount): P-F12RS
  • Semi-organic red (flat mount): F10RS
  • Performance Resin Blue (post mount): P-A12RS
  • Semi-organic red (post mount): SP10.11