TRP brake-shift lever compatible with Pinion gear shift box

  • TRP develops innovative brake-shift lever, compatible with Pinion gear shift box
  • Greater safety and comfort thanks to ergonomically integrated switch buttons
  • Thanks to the new TRP HYWIRE brake-shift lever, electric shifting will also be possible for gravel bikes in the future

The TRP HYWIRE brake-shift lever represents a significant milestone as it enables electric shifting even for gravel bikes, expanding the scope of this technology beyond e-bikes and introducing it to traditional pedal-powered bicycles. With its ergonomic switch buttons seamlessly integrated into the design, the TRP HYWIRE brake-shift lever ensures a heightened level of user experience, making shifting effortless and intuitive. With just a simple push of a button, the system responds instantaneously, completing shifts in a remarkable 0.2 seconds, whether you’re in motion, at a standstill, or under load.

The TRP HYWIRE brake-shift lever is a key component that enables electric shifting, not only for MTB and trekking bikes but also for future Pinion gravel bikes. Cyclists will experience enhanced self-sufficiency thanks to the Smart.Shift battery pack, which provides over 20,000 switching operations on a single charge.
The TRP HYWIRE brake and shift lever unit allows riders to control the Pinion Smart.Shift system effortlessly from dropbar handlebars. Furthermore, both the hydraulic brake line and the cable connecting to the Pinion Smart.Shift Box are discreetly routed through or inside the handlebars, offering a clean and uncluttered appearance.

The TRP HYWIRE brake and shift lever unit incorporates a proven 2.3mm brake disc, offering an 8% improvement in heat resistance and a 47% increase in lateral stiffness. The brake pads provide outstanding heat resistance, resulting in shorter braking times and noticeable noise reduction. These impressive advancements in braking performance contribute to a safer and more enjoyable riding experience.