The power of Choice

The new EVO group is the result of the latest technology and a great attention to every detail, making it the ultimate choice for every cyclist.

The EVO12 groupset is the evolution of the features of the first generation and includes an improved hall lock function, clutch system and cage release. This unique Hall-Lock feature dampens drivetrain noise by locking the rear derailleur with a lever on the frame mount.

The improved clutch system prevents unwanted chain slap and stabilizes the entire shifting system. The newly developed mechanism on the rear derailleur cage makes removing and installing the rear wheel and mounting the chain child’s play.

With a completely new shifter design, improved ergonomics and the mode switch that allows the rider to choose between one gear change per shift or a shift change of up to four gears, the EVO12 groupset offers a quiet, precise and efficient shifting system.

Available in highly durable carbon or forged aluminum alloy, the new group’s crank arms are mated to 1x chainrings with Wave™ tooth profiles to keep the chain secure even over rough terrain.


We are the Makers

The TRP EVO12 and EVO7 Development Story

We add another chapter to the TRP story. From humble beginnings, through hard times and countless lessons learned, TRP has earned its place among the ranks of worldclass brands.

But our story has dimension. Yeah, we had all those experiences. However, what underpinned our 37-year history was an unwavering directive to make savvy decisions that would position us as a highly capable manufacturer able to produce reliable, high performing products on a global scale. We’ve continuously evolved ourselves in the last four decades and with each iteration we have become stronger, more innovative, a better OEM partner and a more sought-after consumer brand. We are a manufacturer that produces over 13,000,000 brake sets per year for bicycles ranging from E-bikes, to cargo, to World Cup DH. Our product performance has been proven on cobbles, tarmac, dirt and mud in scenarios ranging from the service course to the race course.


Starting with what we knew best, we sought to develop a no-nonsense braking system that could meet the rigors of World Cup DH conditions and satisfy the top athletes in the spart. With the help of Aaron Gwin, Neko Mullay and John Hall, we formed a dedicated product development team and crafted the DHR. Since it’s inception, our brakes have claimed no less than 18 World Cup wins.

Shifting Focus – First Gen DH7

We knew there was room for innovation. Cyclists were, for all i ntents and purposes, limited to only two viable choices when it came to drivetrains. For over three years we navigated the minefield of over 17,000 patents relating to drivetrains and sucessfully developed our own technology that was not only viable, but in many ways superior. Our partnership with the top World Cup teams and athletes was already extremely successful. lt was clear we had the talent required to develop a truly competitive, high performance drivetrain and the opportunity to bring that choice to the cycling public.

We naturally started with a DH-specific shifting system as the most demanding proving ground was on the World Cup DH circuit in the hands of some of the winning-est riders to ever practice the spart. In 2020, DH7 was created and proved to be the technology solution we aimed for. DH7 and DHR EVO-equipped bikes went on to earn 24 World Cup DH wins and 3 World Cup DH overall titles.

Sharpened Focus – TR12

We also knew there was another proving ground where our products needed to be put to the test. Winning World Cups was one thing – when teams of engineers and technicians were dedicated to the effort. However, proving reliability and usability in the hands of every-day riders was the next challenge. We implemented what we learned from DH7 and a year later, developed TR12, a shifting system aimed at trail bikes to rival the most ubiquitous of those on the market We were confident that what we developed for the pinnacle in competition of the World Cup DH circuit would evolve to exactly be what was needed for high end trail bikes and the rapidly emerging market of E-bikes. On to our next chapter …