TRP C-Line

Clean handlebar design and reliable braking power

“C” stands for Clean Cockpit, which describes a brake lever that optimizes integration and “cleans up” the handlebar. On select models, the “C” also stands for Cargo. The Clean Cockpit brake lever uses a newly developed pull-piston lever and a re-designed hose exit that is closer to the handlebar allowing for internal routing through the handlebars creating a new Clean Cockpit look for e-bikes with the same level of EVO performance.

The top C2.3 and C2.3 RS models deliver EVO-level braking performance thanks to the new 2.3 mm brake disc standard. New additions are the C1.8 and C1.8 RS models with a new and specific optimized 1.8 mm e-bike low-vibration rotor. Specially de­veloped for all cargo bikes, the Rehau brake lines provide an excess length of 3 m offering consistent braking performance at the all-important front wheel brake system.

C-LINE Features
+ New brake pad formula
+ New high-performance hydraulic mineral oil, new boiling point of 230° C
+ New 5 mm brake hose-system
+ CNC-machined adapters
+ Selection of five 2.3 mm rotors ranging in sizes up to 223 mm
+ Optimized brake caliper with improved oil flow
+ New ergonomic lever blades

C2.3 RS

The C2.3 RS is the sportive version of the C2.3 with an ergonomic 2-finger brake lever. EVO brake performance with Clean Cockpit design for premium E-MTB bikes.

Rotwild // R.T750


The TRP C2.3 has given cargo bikes a new level of safety. Bikes carrying up to 250 kg in total load presented the challenge that TRP has solved. Stability and braking power for permanent „stop and go“ function in everyday urban life under full load.

Riese&Müller // Load60 HS

C1.8 RS

The C1.8 RS has the sportive 2-finger brake lever like that which is found on the C2.3 RS, allowing for use on sportive E-Trekking and E-MTBs.


The C1.8 differs by the use of a new, revised 1.8 mm rotor. This low-vibration rotor was developed specifically for the category of everyday e-bikes.

Riese&Müller // UBN