The car makes 37.5 km/h average speed to Munich, with the S-pedelec I make 33.8 km/h.

“37.5 km/h average speed in a month, hard to believe,” my neighbor across the street tells me when I ask how the new one is going. The new one is his new company car, he works for a Bavarian car manufacturer, right in the head office, so he drives to work every day from the suburbs of Munich. In the first month he drove the car only to work, twice 30 km, five days a week! That makes me curious – what’s up with the bike, an S-pedelec that can go up to 45 km/h? I take the challenge to leave my car 1 to 2 times a week for city trips. By car, it takes me between 40 to 90 minutes with parking.

My experience after one month and six city trips:

• I always discover new ways and corners of Munich
• Best average – 33,8 km/h – 86,3 km in 2:33 h
• On the third attempt I manage the distance as by car in 42 min
• There is no direct bike path into the city
• E Bikes have arrived in the traffic, E Pedelecs still need
• Riding without sweat is possible – even if not at 40 km/h
• 80 kilometers can be covered quickly in one day
• The bike is an eye-catcher
• II think much more flexible
• Optimal fitness tool and perfect pulse values
• You can swim along in city traffic – but is definitely stressful
• Scooter drivers are more than irritated
• Absolutely no parking problems
• Important with an e-pedelec: consideration, circumspection and caution
• My other neighbor with his Porsche GT3 RS is jealous of me

Final thought: It is not about the car here, but to reduce traffic sensibly and to gain time. Valuable time on the road and in your head! Doing good for yourself and the environment. Quality time, not “annoying time” in traffic jams and looking for parking. My days biking into town easily became 70-80 km trips, the way home often an extra loop. Yes, there are no bike highways yet, but lots of great sneak paths… there are no straight paths for explorers.